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GINGER CEBTP - Monitoring Le Panthéon

Customer requirement

The company GINGER CEBTP specialises in structural monitoring. It was commissioned by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux to conduct a measurement campaign intended to check the integrity of the structure supporting the dome during a period of building work at Le Panthéon. Paris is built on old quarries and landfills, therefore on ground which is not very stable, made even more fragile by excavations for the sewage system and metro. Additionally, vehicle traffic creates vibrations.


SCAIME solution

SCAIME offered the company GINGER eight long-base OBLG-1000 extensometer sensors (1 m between attachment points), and six OBTS-100 temperature sensors for thermal compensation of the extensometers. The sensors are connected to an MDX400T-R module which oversees transfer of the measurements to the acquisition unit by CANopen link.


  • 8 OBLG-100
  • 6 OBTS-100
  • One MDX400T-R acquisition unit, CANopen link
SCAIME products

Customer benefits

  • Signal stability enabling very precise diagnostics.
  • Cable lengths of several hundred metres with excellent fibre-optic transmission
  • Multiplexing of sensors on the same optical fibre, reducing the number of cables.

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GINGER CEBTP - Pantheon monitoring
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