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ELENGY - Detection of LNG leaks in a gas terminal

Customer requirement

During construction of the FOS Cavaou gas terminal, safety standards required the installation of a system to detect leaks of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the three tanks (110,000 m3 each). Taking account of the environment in an ATEX zone, the Fibre Optic solution was by far the safest and most economical option.


SCAIME solution

252 fibre-optic sensors permanently control the temperature at the base of the three tanks. An LNG leak would cause a severe drop in this temperature. A processing unit would then automatically trigger alarms.


  • 252 OBTS-100 temperature sensors
  • 10 km of 6-channel breakout optical cable
  • Three MDX-80 units
  • One PC and one printer
  • One NI interface card for generating alarms
  • One cabinet

Customer benefits

  • Intrinsically non-explosive sensors.
  • Unit located remotely (2 km of fibre) in a safe area: no electronics in an ATEX zone.
  • Multiplexing of 252 sensors on 18 optical fibres only.

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Application cases
ELENGY - LNG leak detection in LNG terminal
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