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LONDON METRO - Electrification shoes monitoring

Customer requirement

London Underground rolling stock use a ground-level conductor rail electrification system with collector shoes for powering the train. During operation, the dynamic interaction between the collector shoes and conductor rail imparts loads on the collector shoes. Using sets of collector shoes instrumented with fibre optic sensors, the strain on the shoes is measured while the train is running along the line. This data is used to help identify areas where repairs or adjustment of the conductor rails may be required. Due to the high voltage passing through the collector shoes, fibre optic strain gauges are an ideal solution.

London metro

Scaime Solution

SCAIME proposed optical lines with OBSG-60 bonded to the shoes. MDX8000 interrogator data is sent to a CPU that also records videos of the shoes and the train position.


  • OBSG-60 sensors
  • MDX8000 2kHz in hardened housing 


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Customer benefits

  • Dynamic measurement of strain using sensors bonded to the collector shoes.
  • Fibre optic signals immune to electromagnetic disturbances in high voltage environment.
  • Fibre optic sensor and fibre cable electrically isolated allowing for safer and simpler installation.

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Application cases
Electrification shoes monitoring
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