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DEWI - Offshore wind turbine monitoring

Customer requirement

In the event of a storm, the offshore wind turbine must withstand not only strong gusts of wind but also large waves crashing over the mast. The combination of these two phenomena creates significant strain on the mast.

DEWI (the German Wind Energy Institute) is a certified body tasked with conducting measurement campaigns intended to check that the behaviour of wind turbines corresponds to applicable standards.


SCAIME solution

We proposed OBSG-60 strain gauges and OBTS-100 temperature sensors. They are measured by the toughened MDX-400T-X unit. The sensors are attached to a section of the mast and measure its inflection.


  • OBSG-60 deformation sensors
  • OBTS-100 temperature sensors
  • An MDX400T-X
SCAIME products

Customer benefits

  • A toughened unit able to operate in extreme environments.
  • Sensors which are not damaged when the wind turbine is struck by lightning.
  • Easy, fast installation, reducing time spent in the wind turbine.

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DEWI - Offshore wind turbine monitoring
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