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capteur de pression immergeable pour mesurer la température dans les puits, trous de forage, barrage, nappe phreatique
Level datalogger DL.OCS/N


0 ... 2 mH2O to 0 ... 250 mH2O
  • The probe is directly immersed in the fluid
  • Employee to record levels in wells, boreholes, dams, groundwater ...
  • Measure conductivity with temperature measurement (option)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Intervals measures programmable  0.5 s. to 24 h
  • Memorize up to 1 500 000 measures
  • Registration data as a function of time or programmable threshold
  • Great life of the battery, interchangeable on site


Data sheets
Datalogger - DL.OCS/N
Langues : FR, EN
Software to download
DL.OCS Driver
Driver DL.OCS
Langues : FR