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Level dataloggers

Autonomous dataloggers from 0...2 mCE to 0...250 mCE

Autonomous level dataloggers

Our dataloggers offer several years of autonomy and a very large datalogging capacity for liquid level and temperature measurements


SCAIME level dataloggers, produced in stainless steel, can store up to 1,500,000 level measurements. Designed to ensure very low power consumption, these dataloggers have a precision level of 0.1%.

It is also possible to measure fluid conductivity as an optional extra. PC software can be used to set datalogging frequency, start date and end date.

A version in titanium is also available.

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capteur de pression immergeable pour mesurer la température dans les puits, trous de forage, barrage, nappe phreatique


Level datalogger DL.OCS/N