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TGC - Automation of concrete plants

The customer

TGC is a manufacturer of high-quality concrete for the Bolivian market. The solution was designed by TUPUNATRON, SCAIME's distributor for Latin America. TUPUNATRON is an engineering company specialised in weighing and automation for the food and mining industries.

Customer requirement

For the construction of a fully automated model concrete plant, TGC needed a system to control the entire production unit :

  • Automatic dosing of aggregates, cement, water and additives.
  • Configuration of the different formulas to be elaborated during production.
  • Report on the different types of concrete.
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Our solution

TUPUNATRON has designed a control system using the SCAIME weighing technologies and the EcoStruxureTM automation architecture from Schneider Electric.


  • 12 weighing load cells with mounting kits
  • 4 eNod4-D DIN controllers
  • 1 Schneider M251 PLC
  • 1 SCADA software for automation


The entire production process, dosing and mixing, is controlled by SCADA software, an M251 PLC and eNod4-D weighing controllers.

The connectivity between the eNod4 controllers and the M251 controller has been validated as part of the technological partnership between SCAIME and Schneider Electric for weighing applications.

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Customer benefits

  • Optimized architecture with devices dedicated to the tasks for which they are ideally suited.
  • Thanks to the eNod4-D controlled dosing process, the system achieves high filling speed and accuracy.
  • Integration with EcoStruxureTM is facilitated by the networking capabilities of eNod4

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