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Manage your riveting / fitting operations

Customer requirement

The customer needed to control the fitting of parts (a task performed manually by an operator) to detect non-compliant parts, regardless of completion speed.


SCAIME solution

SCAIME proposed the F381A controller combined with a K2528 force sensor and an SPD cable displacement sensor to simultaneously measure force and displacement.

The F381A can be used to graphically visualise and save the complete fitting cycle according to user-defined settings, regardless of the fitting speed. With each cycle, the result is visible on the screen, and the controller also activates a light indicating compliance of the fitting.


  • The F381A controller, used to visualise and control the complete fitting cycle
  • K2528 force sensor
  • SPD cabled linear displacement sensor
SCAIME products


With the system’s storage abilities, any deviation in the process will be rapidly detected.

Customer benefits

  • Detection of all non-compliant fittings
  • Complete traceability with archiving of all cycles and results.

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