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GAMMA - Belt scale for plastic granules

The customer

Gamma Meccanica is an Italian leading company specialized in the design and manufacture of complete production lines for the recycling of plastics.

Customer requirement

For a new plastic recycling line consisting of a grinder, an extruder, and a granulator, Gamma Meccanica was looking for a system for continuously monitoring the production of granules at the extruder output:

  • Instantaneous and average flow rate of the production line, up to 2500 kg/h.
  • Continuous weight totalization of granules.

Our solution

SCAIME and its partner in Italy, the system integrator NONIS Srl, proposed a conveyor belt weighing system equipped with F60X load cells. This load receptor is controlled by an eNod4-B continuous weighing transmitter which takes in charge the flow rate measurement and the continuous totalization of the product.

The weighing data are transmitted by eNod4 to the PLC thought the customer's PROFINET network.


  • 4 F60X 20 kg sensors with STABIFLEX mounting kit
  • 1 continuous weighing controller eNod4-B PROFINET
  • 1 conveyor belt



Customer benefits

  • eNod4-B controller allows an efficient production line monitoring: It releases PLC resources by providing accurate flow rate measurement and real time weight totalization of granules.

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Gamma Meccanica - Belt scale for plastic granules
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